The Disappointing Dress

A funny thing happened today. There is a dress that I used to wear and like years ago, but then it got too tight so I stopped wearing it. A few weeks ago, I dug it out and put it in the closet, because I hoped that it soon would fit me.

Today, I tried it on and guess what? It did fit me. It wasn’t tight at all. I wore it for an hour or so before realizing that I no longer like this dress. It’s not “me” anymore. It’s too . . . how shall I say this? It’s too 1990s homeschool mom. When I was a homeschool mom in the 90s, this dress was perfect. Now, not so much. So, it’s going into a donation bag.

The day mostly consisted of paying bills and preparing for tonight’s writers’ meeting. I had volunteered to report on the conference I went to recently and also share a new method I’ve developed for visualizing my characters. I think it went okay. It was aimed primarily at “pantsers,” writers who, like me, write by the seat of their pants instead of creating detailed outlines. To my relief, most of my writer friends are also pantsers!

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