Sweet is the Work, My God, My King

I haven’t heard this hymn since I was a child, though I sometimes hum it to myself because I love the tune (Deep Harmony by Handel Parker) and the first verse very much. I can now also play it on my autoharp.

Sweet is the Work, My God, My King

Isaac Watts

Sweet is the work, my God, my King,
To praise Thy Name, give thanks and sing,
To show Thy love by morning light
And talk of all Thy truth at night.

Sweet is the day of sacred rest,
No mortal cares shall seize my breast.
O may my heart in tune be found,
Like David’s harp of solemn sound!

My heart shall triumph in my Lord
And bless His works and bless His Word.
Thy works of grace, how bright they shine!
How deep Thy counsels, how divine!

And I shall share a glorious part,
When grace has well refined my heart;
And fresh supplies of joy are shed,
Like holy oil, to cheer my head.

Then shall I see, and hear, and know
All I desired and wished below;
And every power find sweet employ
In that eternal world of joy.

And then what triumphs shall I raise
To Thy dear Name through endless days,
For in the realms of joy I’ll see
Thy face in full felicity.

A Helping Hand

Today was Friday, which meant grocery shopping at Aldi. As always, it was an interesting people-watching experience.

I got a little farther on my sewing and spent quite a bit of time revising a story that has been languishing for some time.

After lunch I received a surprise phone call from the son of my friend Robin. I don’t think I had seen him since his wedding a year and a half ago. His wife was working on a crochet project and she had run into a snag. He wondered if I might be able to help. I was willing to try, but I always worry that others think I am better at crafting than I actually am!

So they came over here and I looked at the pattern and after looking to see if there were any pattern corrections online, I realized the pattern had an error in it. This happens more often than you might think. Once we identified and corrected the error, she was good to go. She should easily finish her project before her deadline.

After that it was more sewing and revising, and going to the store to pick up a few things for an upcoming class. The store I went to was Michael’s. I was not prepared for the fact that it is mum season again. There was a whole aisle stuffed full of mummery.  Not to mention all the Halloween displays. *sigh*

I made pizza for Walter and Jasper, since Spencer is in Dallas for the day (and night) and Lucy is working. I rarely feel tempted by pizza anymore because it really does make me ill.  I do miss it though . . .

Something Practical, Something Pretty

I’m trying to take advantage of my crafting momentum and get as much stuff made as possible before the school year starts, because once I get busy with school, I know that there won’t be much time for sewing or knitting.

Today I cut out the straps and pockets for the aprons, and got the straps all sewn. I also did a bunch of revising, some other paperwork, and made some really good stir-fry for supper. At least I heard it was good.

So the aprons are going to be cool and all, but also very practical. Today I took a break from sewing to make something that was more on the “ornamental” side of things. I dug out a very small portion of my bead stash and made a “necklace” to hold an I.D. holder which I bought and modified:

7-27-17 ID necklace

I hate those stick-on name badges because my hair always gets stuck in them. And a chain won’t work because of my metal sensitivity. So I wanted to have a generic I.D. holder that I could use whenever I go to meetings where they want me to wear a name badge. Now I have something that doubles as a piece of jewelry. And, because I had some glow-in-the-dark beads left over, it glows in the dark too. Well, it’s really more of a glimmer, but still pretty cool.

I also worked on chording a new hymn. It is the favorite hymn of a friend of mine, but it is not included in the hymnbook we use at church, so I had to find it in another hymnbook and get the chords all figured out. Now I can’t stop humming it!

I’m trying so hard not to feel sorry for myself but I can’t say I succeed a hundred percent of the time. I really wish I was in Reno at the Realm Makers conference right now.


Back to Sewing

Well, now that those two labor-intensive cloaks are out of the way, I can start working down my very long list of stuff waiting to be made. The first step was to get the green thread out of my serger so I could serge the raw edges before washing and drying several pieces of fabric. Since I will be needing black thread next, I went to put black thread in my serger and found out I was missing a cone of black thread (it takes 4 cones). I have no memory of using up a cone of black thread, but it was gone!

So I serged the fabric with 2 black and 2 green cones and then got the fabric in the wash before making an emergency run to buy more black thread. Now my serger is ready to go, the fabric has been washed and dried, and the pattern chosen. I will be making at least 5 aprons in the next few days. A couple of them are literally years overdue!

I also did some paperwork and some housework and some writing. In fact I revised a short story and submitted it to the online magazine that published one of my stories last year. I am terrible at remembering to keep sending my work out.

In addition, I knitted some rows on my new and very boring project, did some reading, and watched most of a YouTube lecture. And worked out the chords for the hymn I posted on Sunday. I love my autoharp so much.

The Disappointing Dress

A funny thing happened today. There is a dress that I used to wear and like years ago, but then it got too tight so I stopped wearing it. A few weeks ago, I dug it out and put it in the closet, because I hoped that it soon would fit me.

Today, I tried it on and guess what? It did fit me. It wasn’t tight at all. I wore it for an hour or so before realizing that I no longer like this dress. It’s not “me” anymore. It’s too . . . how shall I say this? It’s too 1990s homeschool mom. When I was a homeschool mom in the 90s, this dress was perfect. Now, not so much. So, it’s going into a donation bag.

The day mostly consisted of paying bills and preparing for tonight’s writers’ meeting. I had volunteered to report on the conference I went to recently and also share a new method I’ve developed for visualizing my characters. I think it went okay. It was aimed primarily at “pantsers,” writers who, like me, write by the seat of their pants instead of creating detailed outlines. To my relief, most of my writer friends are also pantsers!

Second-Last Class

Today we had our second-last Story Quest Class. One more class and then I get a whole week off before teaching two one-day workshops.

So, I was very busy preparing for class. I also got the last of the green organza put away. There wasn’t much left of the 10 yards I started off with!

Three of my students were missing today, but I think we still had a pretty good class. Afterward I had to run an errand before coming back to work on paperwork and preparing for tomorrow’s writers’ meeting.

I think I will need all day tomorrow (and maybe longer) to get my act together and get caught up on all the stuff I neglected the last two weeks. Not to mention pulling out six rows of knitting because I was knitting while watching something suspenseful and I knitted when I should have purled.

Dear Savior, Thou Art Mine

One of my childhood favorites that I haven’t heard in many years. But that’s okay. I can figure out how to play it on my autoharp and sing it whenever I want!

Dear Savior, Thou Art Mine

by Anna Hudson

Dear Savior, Thou art mine, how sweet the thought to me!
Let me repeat Thy name, and lift my heart to Thee.
Mine! mine! mine! I know Thou art mine;
Savior, dear Savior, I know Thou art mine.

Thou art the sinner’s Friend, so I Thy friendship claim,
A sinner saved by grace when Thy sweet message came.

Mine! mine! mine! I know Thou art mine;
Savior, dear Savior, I know Thou art mine.

My hardened heart was touched; Thy pard’ning voice I heard;
And joy and peace came in while list’ning to Thy Word.
Mine! mine! mine! I know Thou art mine;
Savior, dear Savior, I know Thou art mine.

So let me sing Thy praise, so let me call Thee mine;
I cannot doubt Thy Word, I know that I am Thine.

Mine! mine! mine! I know Thou art mine;
Savior, dear Savior, I know Thou art mine.



Catching Up Begins

Last night Lucy didn’t get off work till after 1:00 a.m. Which meant that I didn’t get to bed till 1:30. Which meant that I had a perfectly legitimate excuse to sleep in this morning. Those late nights are very hard on an old lady like me.

Today I started catching up on all the paperwork I neglected while sewing. I still have a long way to go, but I got some critiquing and class planning done. I still have some grading and bill paying to do but some of that should get done tomorrow.

I also talked to a friend on the phone, talked to my mother on the phone, and started a new knitting project. And practiced hymns for tomorrow.

Relief and Recreation

What a relief it was to finish the beading on the cloak last night! I’ve had a couple people ask me to remind them what the cloak is for.

This is the fourth year in a row that I have made and contributed a cloak to the raffle at the Realm Makers conference. (The first year, there was no raffle that I remember.) The raffle is to raise money for scholarships for the conference. Each year I have made and named a cloak. The Radagast cloak came first, followed by the Sapphire cloak and then the Desert Assassin cloak. This year’s cloak, the Ethereal Enchantress cloak, will not be delivered in person as I cannot afford to go to the conference this year.

So this afternoon I drove forty-some miles to the home of a lucky writer friend who is going to the conference, and gave her the cloak to take with her. I am looking forward to finding out who wins it.

Today, since I was done beading, I went grocery shopping as usual in the morning. After lunch my friend Robin came over for a visit. I hadn’t seen her for at least two months! It was good to get caught up.

As soon as Robin left, I had to dash off to deliver the cloak, and once that was taken care of I drove to another town to visit my dear friend Sybil. We had a lovely visit and went out for supper and then back to her house to visit some more. It is hard to stop talking when you only see each other about once a year.

Now I’m back home and waiting for Lucy to text me that she’s ready to be picked up from work . .


All Beads, All Day

My original concept for the cloak featured lots of beading on all the vertical seams. Because the cloak itself took so long to construct, I had to scale back my beading plan. I have to deliver the cloak tomorrow to a friend who will take it to the conference, so I knew that whatever beading I did had to be done by tonight.

I’m actually pretty proud of how much I was able to do in two days. There are at least some beads on all the vertical seams, at the top and at the bottom. Hundreds and hundreds of beads. The cloak is much heavier now!

I did take a break to go to the gym with Jasper. I didn’t watch as much stuff because I realized it was slowing me down. I sew faster when not distracted by something to look at.

My “fit model” had offered to come back for a photo shoot when the cloak was done, but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well today and it had to be today or never. So I pressed Janet into service and made her put on a pretty dress and meet me on campus shortly before sunset because I wanted to get that lovely light.  I actually wasn’t quite done beading yet, but I had to take the photos while I had the light!

This is only the second full circle cloak I’ve ever made, and the last one was smaller and the body was made of only 2 pieces instead of 15. And, not that I’m keeping track or anything, but this is cloak #47. I have at least 3 more planned.

Parting Shot:

EE 3

You can see that there are some white beads mixed in with the coordinating green beads. The white beads glow in the dark!

EE 4 hood

The front edge of the hood is also beaded.

EE 6