How to Make an Omelette in a Thermos

I’ve had several questions about this so I thought I’d give you an illustrated step-by-step set of instructions in case you want to try this for yourself. You will need the following items:

–a kettle to boil water in

–a wide-mouthed thermos that holds at least a quart. Bigger is better.

–a pint-sized ziplock FREEZER bag. A “storage” bag is not thick enough

–2 eggs

–whatever fillings you want in your omelette

Step 1


Boil some water and pour it into your thermos to preheat it.

Then refill your kettle and put it back on to reheat.

Step 2


While the second kettle of water is heating, assemble your fillings, in this case some cooked sausage, cheese, and fresh chives from my garden.

Step 3


Prop open your ziplock bag in a cup and break the 2 eggs into it.

Step 4


Hold the bag from the top with one hand and use your other hand to moosh up the eggs until they are pretty well blended. Go ahead and add salt and pepper at this stage if you are using them.

Step 5


Add the toppings and moosh it all up some more. You want it to be very well mixed.

Step 6


Lay the bag flat on a hard surface and squeeze out ALL the air before sealing it.

Step 7


Fold the bag in half so it will fit into the thermos.

Step 8


Dump the hot water out of your thermos and put the bag down inside it.

Step 9


Pour fresh boiling water into the thermos, leaving just enough room to screw in the stopper.

Step 10


Screw on the stopper and the lid, and go on with your life. If you’re leaving on a trip, take your thermos with you and get on the road.

Step 11


After a minimum of half an hour, and a maximum of 3 hours, you can open your thermos up.

Step 12


Take out the bag. The eggs are flexible! You shouldn’t have any trouble getting it out. And I didn’t say it was going to be attractive!

Step 13


Dump the omelette out of the bag and enjoy your hot breakfast! This holds together well and can even be eaten with your hands if you are in a hurry.

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