My Links

I have a business! And a Facebook page for it:

Here’s where to get my memoir of my years at Sakeji School in the 1960’s and 70’s:


It’s not just about my life at school; it’s about a girl adapting to a very different environment and trying to learn how not to be a jerk. I now also have a Kindle version of this book available, and you can find it here:

Do you have a 10-14 year old who would like to learn how to write stories? My Story Quest curriculum is a great place to start. Here’s where to get it:

I also have a  “photo and poetry” blog that has been rather neglected of late:

This is kind of embarrassing. I actually have yet another blog. This one is about my life as a writer and my ongoing struggle to publish my novels. I don’t update it all that often, because I rarely have new news. But here it is:

The Steadfast Scribe

And of course my daughter Lina, who teaches at Sakeji Mission School in Zambia, has a blog too:

Little School in the Bush

My daughter Mary also has a beautifully written blog that makes me look like an amateur:

Threads of Stars

If you are interested in organizing your life, and want  a very flexible system, look into ScanCards!

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