Down the Rabbit Hole

During this gloriously sunny and windy morning, I had a tutoring student and he did very well on his vocabulary quiz even though he forgot about it and didn’t study. I was proud of him.

This afternoon (still sublimely sunlit and breezy) Lina and I ventured forth to our favorite bookstore/coffee shop and spent a pleasant time browsing while sipping our hot drinks. I found a tome about Henry VIII and I knew I had to get it. I am sliding farther and farther into this Tudor rabbit hole.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here (and am too lazy to look it up) but I volunteered to be the “scribe” for one of our local Renaissance festivals. What this means in practical terms is that I try to post twice a week on social media to generate some interest in the faire. One post is faire news, and the other one is a little fact about Tudor England, more specifically the reign of Henry VIII usually. I am currently doing a series about his six wives. I have a whole book about them, and a book about life in Tudor England, and a Tudor cookbook, and now I have a book about the big man himself. I have plenty of fodder for my weekly posts for some time to come!

If you’re interested in following these posts on Facebook, you can find them here:               (Canterbury Renaissance Festival of Northeast Texas)

So anyway, it was an enjoyable afternoon. When we returned I had some reading to catch up on. With my class and two tutoring students, I have three books that I have to be reading in every week. And before I knew I’d have quite this much reading to do, I committed to a book club so I am frantically trying to read that book too, because the meeting is next week and I sure would hate to show up to my first meeting without having finished the book!

My walk this evening was surprisingly enjoyable. I had to park in a completely different parking lot because there was a big basketball game going on in the arena. I’d much rather walk during a game than when the track itself is crowded. The university team was playing their archrivals, Lina’s alma mater. The boisterous atmosphere made it easier for me to keep my energy up, even though “our” team was losing, and I found myself having constant flashbacks to high school and college. The game was only half over when I left, so they still had time to pull it out . . .

Keeping Busy

Yesterday I skipped church to drive to Mount Pleasant and go to a meeting. It was the first meeting/cast audition of the year for the faire that I’m involved with, and I needed to be there to be able to report on it and take some photos and discuss a few things with the owner.

Most of my new acquaintances from the parade were there, plus a new girl who plays a fascinating stringed instrument, in addition to the more common mountain dulcimer. We had a potluck lunch and my keto egg muffins were a big hit! I also strolled the faire site and got a few pictures.

I had to head home while everyone else was learning a court dance because I had a pretty tight schedule. Our small group was meeting last night and I had to make pizza and dessert. Of course I had to make enough for the kids who would be staying home also. So I made massive batches of sourdough pizza dough and sauce after throwing a peach/mango cobbler in the oven.

I only had time to make the pizza we were taking, but left all the “fixings” for Lucy to make pizza for herself and Jasper. What I didn’t realize is that Lucy’s work schedule now has her working until 8:00 p.m. on Sundays.

So anyway, Walter and I took Lina with us to our small group because we have talked about her a lot and we wanted them to meet her. When we returned a little after 8:00, Lucy was just working on the pizzas for her and a very hungry Jasper. I will have to plan better next time.

Today I had my class in the morning and worked on other projects in the afternoon, including more grocery shopping, cooking and picking a lot of chicken, and doing some of the reading I have to do to keep up with my tutoring students. I can already see it’s going to be a very busy spring semester.