Breakfast, Bees, & Other Stuff

Well, I was going to post this last night, but as you will see, it did not work out.

On Thursday, I spent virtually all day and all evening on my formatting chores, but the good news is I finally prevailed. The second edition of my memoir is now available as an ebook and the paperback should be available later this weekend. If you haven’t read it yet, and are interested, you can find it here:

This Rich & Wondrous Earth

Yesterday (Friday) got off to a great start because I met my friend Darlene for breakfast, which turned into a three-hour conversation. After we finished eating, we sat in the rocking chairs in front of Cracker Barrel and kept talking.

Once I got home, however, I had plenty to do. After doing some things around the house, I set off to run errands, including going to Aldi since I was busy this morning. I don’t really recommend going on a Friday afternoon, but yesterday I had no choice!

Meanwhile, Jasper had discovered that his bees are being “robbed.” That’s when bees from a rival hive attack and steal honey from your hive. We have been very concerned about his bees for the last month. Some of them apparently swarmed, leaving behind a weakened hive. So yesterday he restricted the entrance to his hive to make it easier for his bees to defend it. We really want this hive to make it.

On Thursday, Jasper also helped his friend Sam set up a trap to capture a hive of bees so that Sam can replace the bees he lost. Hopefully the trap will be successful.

Shortly after I returned home from grocery shopping, it was time to take Lucy to work, so after I dropped her off I continued on and got my hair trimmed. It was starting to look pretty ragged, and I wanted to get it done before my trip.

In the evening I made my first batch of peanut butter fudge. I am making some to take to my parents, and some to take to my class reunion. I’ll make two more batches today.

Lucy was supposed to get off work at midnight last night, so I was there in the parking lot waiting at the appointed time. I waited and waited and waited. It was after 1:40 a.m. when she finally got off! And no, waiting in a parking lot for that long in the middle of the night is not my favorite. That is why there was no post last night.

Tomorrow morning I embark on my first solo road trip of this summer. If all goes well, I will see some cousins, a daughter and son-in-law, an uncle, two aunts, both of my parents, and a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen in 40 years. I will have my computer with me and should have at least sporadic internet access, so I expect you’ll be hearing from me.

Also today is Lina’s birthday:

Lina's first birthday

This is what she looked like on her first birthday.

Happy Birthday, Lina!

Too Low

Today was the third day of what I intended to be a four-day fast. However, I ended up having to break my fast this evening due to low blood sugar, a fairly novel experience for me. Apparently, I do not need glyburide when I am fasting for more than one day. This adventure I’m on involves a lot of trial and error.

We did get school done today and we also went to the gym.

I have spent many hours wrestling with a manuscript and trying to turn it into an e-book. Still not there.

A Catch-Up Post & Campus Wildlife

So I guess I forgot to post a hymn on Sunday. Please accept my apologies. I have no excuse.

I am back to being the sole accompanist at church, and I kind of miss the guitarist and the violinist, especially since the violinist graduated and will not be returning in the fall!

Our friends Don and Gwen came home from church with us on Sunday and stayed for much of the afternoon. My homemade tomato soup was a big hit!

Yesterday I had my second creative writing class and the kids worked on retelling and rewriting fables in their own words. It is always interesting to see what new slant the kids come up with.

Today was a bit of a challenge because it’s the second day of a fast, and I always think that is the worst day. I had been really looking forward to my autoharp lesson today, but I had to cancel because of having to pick Lucy up from work. Now there won’t be another opening until July! On the plus side, I have had a lot of fun playing my autoharp while preparing for the lesson I didn’t have.

My monthly critique group and writers’ meeting was tonight, so that was a fun way to end the day. My critique partners have been so helpful to me, and tonight they weighed in on the last chapter of the book they’ve been critiquing for many months now.

Then we had our meeting and one of our most stalwart members announced that he is moving. We all will miss him so much. He is an amazing man.

Parting Shot:

5-23-17 Campus coon

I encountered this striped bandit as I was leaving the campus gym this afternoon. He brazenly ignored me when I tried to get his attention so he’d be looking at the camera. He wasn’t afraid of me or my car at all.

A Momentary Setback

Everything has been going so well I suppose it was inevitable that I would get ahead of myself. I tried eliminating another medication and it didn’t go as planned. The medication in question is Glyburide, which I just started taking in February, right before I embarked on this adventure with my health.

When I started taking it, I saw no difference in my blood sugar and therefore I believed it was pointless. I honestly thought I could just let my prescription run out and I wouldn’t notice any change.

I was wrong. I went without Glyburide for 8 days, and during that time my fasting blood sugar readings went up by 20-30 points, to a level that was unacceptable to me. Who knew that tiny little pill was actually doing something? So I refilled the prescription and immediately my numbers went down again.

I continue to fast a minimum of 3 days a week. Generally speaking, my fast days are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, plus half of Tuesday. However, sometimes I have to work around other events, so my new technique is to just allow myself 9 meals per week, and I can have them when it works out best with my schedule.

Of course, having said that, this week is different as I am doing a 4-day continuous fast to give my pancreas a longer vacation. I try to do a longer fast like this once a month, but I am thinking of trying even longer stretches in June and July, because I want to give myself the best possible chance to get off the rest of my medication. I might actually try decreasing my Metformin again before tackling Glyburide again.

I have been exercising every weekday with Jasper and am currently doing 25 minutes on an exercise bike. As I expected, it has had no impact at all on my blood sugar numbers.

I am not discouraged-—just determined.


Canceled Plans & a New Friend

Today was a day I had looked forward to for months–the day of the Tyler Celtic Festival. The only problem was that the festival has been postponed due to the fact that our morning started off with very severe thunderstorms. In fact our power went out for a couple of hours.

One of the things I’d been looking forward to about the festival was meeting a lady named Carol. I heard her sing last year and had no idea that she attended the same mission boarding school as me and that we have a lot of mutual friends. We became friends on Facebook but hadn’t met in real life.

Since the festival was postponed, Carol and I decided to meet today anyway, so I drove over to the town where she lives and met her for lunch. It was such a pleasant break for me and I enjoyed talking to someone with a similar background.

Once I was back home, I took Jasper to a 4-H skit practice and Lucy to work. The day ended up being sunny and warm once the storms moved through.

Oh, and the festival? The new date is a day that I’ll be out of town, so I’ll miss it.

Better and Better

Today being Friday, it is usually my least favorite day of the week because of having to go grocery shopping. I got it out of the way and had time to do a couple of other things before lunch.

I had been looking forward to today all week because my friend Robin was coming to visit. She arrived right after lunch and we spent the afternoon visiting and catching up. I really needed that nice little interlude.

After Robin left, I took Lucy to work and then came back and helped Jasper make pancakes for supper. I also finished a knitting project and played my autoharp until my fingers ached. Any day with music can’t be all bad!

On the Upswing . . . I Hope

Today I felt a little better than yesterday and the day also went a little better. The registration I was in tears over last night went through okay and Jasper is all set.

So naturally, I had to pick a new task that was guaranteed to cause frustration. I am trying to update one of my e-books, and the table of contents is giving me fits. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually, but right now it’s kind of discouraging.

Jasper and I went to the gym and also watched a World War II documentary about D-Day.  He is fascinated by both World Wars so we are going to watch some videos about them as part of our “summer school.”

Also, Flynn had a job interview yesterday and was offered the job! So next month he will be starting his new job and we are all hoping it will be a good fit for him.

I Should Have Stayed in Bed

If yesterday was a “down” day, today was downer. I almost felt as if my body was trying to get sick. I had a very emotionally exhausting morning due to some drama that popped up unexpectedly. At least Jasper and I still got through math!

I also took Lucy to and from work and Jasper and I went to the gym again. I didn’t increase my minutes today due to not feeling very well.

Then a fabric emergency occurred. I am not going to try to explain it to you. Let’s just say that I ended up taking a sudden trip to Tyler and I was successful in my objective.

Then Spencer had an emergency which required me to give him a ride somewhere, right when I was in the middle of having a meltdown over 4-H bureaucracy, so I dropped everything to give him a ride and then returned home for more frustration on the 4-H website. Tears were shed. After two hours of effort, I gave up for tonight and will wait to see if the extension office can help me tomorrow.

So, not my favorite day. Hoping tomorrow is better. . . .

Down Day

Every now and then–less often than in the past–I have a day when I just feel exhausted and fatigued all day, and today was one of those days. I drove Lucy to and from work, and I took Jasper to WalMart to buy shorts, but I forgot to go to the post office like I had planned and didn’t get anywhere near as much done as I wanted to.

Then a couple things happened to make me feel pretty depressed so it was kind of a rough day. However, I stuck to my routine and I did make it to the gym with Jasper. I don’t know if it will always be practical to go in the middle of the afternoon, but for now it is at least getting us in the routine. I enjoy having someone to go with.


Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day started like every Sunday, with me getting up early and tuning my autoharp before making breakfast. My former eager breakfast-makers have left home! I am now the sole accompanist at church again, after months of playing with both a violinist and a guitarist. I miss them both.

I had picked out a menu which I thought everyone would enjoy, though I knew the only thing I could eat was the meat–my favorite marinated and grilled pork. I got the meat marinating as soon as we got back from church.

During the afternoon I enjoyed a video call with Lina. If you grew up overseas in the days before the internet, today’s technology seems pretty amazing.

I had decreed that we would eat supper early so my family and I could eat together. Most of the time, I’m either fasting or I have to eat two hours before everyone else. It was good to have at least one meal where I could sit with my family and not just watch them eat. And I showed Spencer how to grill the meat because it’s one of those skills every Texan man should have.

Later, we watched a movie and then Flynn called. He doesn’t call often so it was good to talk to him. He is job hunting again and we are hoping he will find something soon. I also talked to my own mother to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

This morning was my first Story Quest class for this summer. I was very busy getting ready and taking Lucy to work this morning, but I managed to be ready when the class started at 9:00!  I had 7 students today but eventually there will be a total of 10. I so enjoy teaching this class.

After I picked up Lucy this afternoon, I went to the gym with Jasper before coming home to enjoy the process of figuring out what to spend my Mother’s Day gift cards on. I ordered some yarn with one of them (what a surprise!) and a couple of useful items with the other. It was like having a two-day Mother’s Day!