Ye Have Not Because Ye Ask Not

It’s late and I’m tired. Today was all about sewing. One of the reasons I have been putting off my many sewing projects is because the fluorescent light over my serger table has been making a ghastly buzzing sound for over a year now. I really need the light, but the buzzing gives me a headache and makes me think gloomy thoughts. So I only turn it on when I’m actually using the serger.

Today I woke up with a headache, and after suffering through the baleful buzzing for hours, I felt worse. My husband came home from work and stopped by my sewing room to see me, and I asked him if we needed a new bulb for the light since it was literally making me crazy.

He methodically tested everything and his verdict was that the lightbulb was fine but that we needed new “ballast.” “Ballast” is a very mystical thing to me. What does it do? Why is it so necessary? Why is it so expensive? Granted, it’s not as expensive as moving me to the loony bin, so my heroic husband went out to get the ballast and then came home and installed it. Why did I never ask for his help sooner? I could have saved myself so much misery!

Guess what happened the next time I went into the sewing room and turned on that light? Nothing. Just beautiful bright light and total silence! Between that and a little caffeine, my headache faded away.

I worked all day on my new dress because I want to wear it on an outing tomorrow—to give it a test drive, you might say. I made it primarily for my trip. And I’ll talk more about it tomorrow after I’ve tested it in real-life conditions.