A Day at Home

I had so much work to do today—and I did get quite a lot of it done. There is still so much more, though.

Jasper walked to the new donut shop to buy breakfast this morning, only to find it closed. So I ended up driving him to a donut place as I didn’t have a plan B.

Lucy and Tanner went to Nacogdoches as Tanner was playing in a rugby game for the university. They won!

I did a lot of schoolwork and got the guest room ready for Lina. Lina arrived as I was getting started on making pizza for supper. This is Walter’s birthday weekend since his birthday is on Monday. I have a feeling he will be going to see the doctor on his birthday as his arm doesn’t seem to be improving.

The big entertainment of the evening was a video call with Flynn and Tiffany and Paisley. We hooked up the projector to my computer so we could watch every cute little expression on Paisley’s face on the big screen! Can’t wait to see that sweet baby in person . . .

My mother is still in the hospital, and from the reports I’m getting it looks like she is losing ground, although they are slowly lowering her fluid levels. This is a hard, hard time for us all. We appreciate your prayers.

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