A Two-Horse Open Sleigh

The first order of business today was to cook up a big brunch. Julie had an ambitious menu—pancakes, sausages, bacon, fruit salad, veggie tray, and egg casserole. Her husband Ken cooked all the meat and made pancakes. Others made the fruit salad. My job was the egg casseroles, and they took a little longer than I expected.

However, eventually it was all done and we found ourselves sitting down to a truly magnificent meal, by which time I was on my third cup of tea. Afterward we sat in the living area visiting and watching some snow fall on the beautiful landscape outside, before suiting up to go out.

The weather has not been as cold as I feared it would be, but I still wore my “new” snow pants with leggings underneath, and my big new boots. We drove a couple of miles down the road where two horses were hitched up to a sleigh awaiting us.

After signing a release form, we climbed into the sleigh. There were some who weren’t interested in this activity, so I think only 14 of us were on the sleigh. The ride went through open field and forest, much of it with truly breathtaking views of the mountains. I loved the gliding motion of the sleigh and the jingling of the bells on the horses’ harnesses.

Afterward, a woodstove-heated tent offered hot cider, hot chocolate, and hot coffee. I felt obligated to drink something in order to get the full experience, so I had half a cup of coffee.

Five of our more intrepid members trekked to a fresh patch of snow and made snow angels while the rest of us stood by and took photos.

The couple I had ridden with (my classmate Chuck and his wife Laura) wanted to see more of the views along the road, and so did I, so we drove farther and saw some stunning displays of icicles.

By this time I was a huge fan of my new boots. I haven’t owned a pair of boots for at least 40 years. I couldn’t even remember what it was like to walk around in deep snow with warm dry feet. I loved it!

Then we joined everyone else back at the house to regroup and snack a little before heading to town to look around. The town of Leavenworth is very touristy and modeled on a Bavarian village, which makes it very pretty. The yarn store was too far for me to go on foot but I made it to the tea store! And maybe a cheese shop . . .

At 5:00 we all convened at a German restaurant for an early supper. The food was good but the company was better! And we still had the whole evening ahead of us. We were even able to face time with one of our classmates who was unable to attend.

During the evening I set up a photo studio of sorts in a different room and then took portraits of each attendee so that we can post them on our class page, and everyone who didn’t come can at least see what we all look like now.

The evening ended with quite a few of my brave classmates going to hang out in the (outdoor) hot tub. I just couldn’t see myself walking barefoot over ice and snow to sit in a hot tub. It looked like they had fun though!

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