Location Change

Sunday morning we had agreed to sleep in. Since I am dealing with a two-hour time change, I figured I’d be the first up so I didn’t even set an alarm. Ha! I slept in till 9:00, which was actually 11:00 Texas time. I guess my travel adventures wore me out more than I realized!

During the day, Julie and I did a lot of cooking and baking for the reunion and also finished the jigsaw puzzle—which unfortunately was missing two pieces. I drank a lot of tea.

This morning, I did set an alarm so I could get up and take a shower and repack all my stuff for the trip to Leavenworth. I felt a little helpless in terms of helping Julie because only she knew everything that had to go. Eventually, everything was hauled downstairs to the garage and from thence to the bed of Ken’s truck. Looking at all the boxes and cases, I did not think that it would all fit into the truck—but it did.

It was a four-and-a-half hour drive to Leavenworth. The first three hours or so the scenery was very flat and only a little snowy. However, once we hit the Columbia River, the landscape became a lot more interesting. Stunningly beautiful, in fact. Snow, mountains, and rivers.

One classmate and his wife had reached the property before us and were here to welcome us. I was given a choice of rooms and picked a cozy little room near the main living area. Soon others started arriving and the rest of the afternoon consisted primarily of happy greetings and conversations with old classmates, some of whom we hadn’t seen in years.

The basement of this lovely house has a long room with a table that can seat all 19 of us! So that’s where we went for supper. There was plenty of the stew that Julie had made and biscuits and salad and lots of conversation. Afterward we migrated back upstairs and Jim made chocolate chip cookies which featured his homegrown Texas pecans. They smelled heavenly, but I did not give in to temptation.

I drank a lot of tea and have enjoyed talking to several of my classmates and/or their spouses. One of the spouses who came was actually in the class above mine and I remember him well because we were in two plays together in high school. So it was good to see him.

Tomorrow I will help Julie put on a big brunch and then we’re off for some adventures. It’s going to be a great day!

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