A Big Red Diamond

Today I wasn’t sure if the blond brothers were coming or not, since one of them had been sick, but I prepared anyway and it’s a good thing I did because they both came! I also got some more student papers critiqued and still have more to go.

This afternoon I went out to get some groceries for our Geography class tomorrow. It’s a “bonus” class for review so the boys will have a better chance at doing well on the test next week.

I also made it to the gym for a walk. I can’t slack off on exercise now, especially as I’ll be walking in that parade on Saturday. My handy husband very kindly went to work on making me a diamond to go atop my scepter. I’ve never had a real diamond, but now I’ve got one made of wood! Jasper is going to paint the staff and I have already begun painting the diamond red. Once it’s painted on all sides I will cover it with red glitter so it will sparkle (I hope). I still have to cobble together a costume and make myself a cheesy crown. It looks like it will be a cool evening so I need to take that into account.

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