Final Day

Can you believe there is only one month left in this year? I can’t believe that when I was a kid I thought a year was a long time. The years flash by so quickly now.

I failed to mention a notable even that occurred yesterday, and that is that my new roaster oven arrived in the morning. Missed Thanksgiving by one day!

So today, I was planning on doing a pork roast for supper, and what better time to inaugurate my new roaster? I learned a couple of things about it in the process. It is a little narrower and deeper than my old roaster (larger overall capacity). It has no indicator light to tell me when it is on and when it has reached the set temperature. And “350°” according to this roaster is not as hot as 350° in my old roaster. So I will have to either set it at a higher temperature or add a considerable amount of time to have a roast come out the way I want it.

We had a leisurely morning today. Mary went for another run. Jordan and Jasper and Daniel went out for donuts. I made a huge batch of my famous turkey salad and also went to Walmart to stock up on Vitamin C in hopes that we can stave off Lina’s plague. And after we all returned to the house, we enjoyed a video chat with Flynn and Tiffany.

After lunch I set off for Hobby Lobby. I needed a candle for the middle of our Advent wreath and also some supplies for my costume. I am once again going to be participating in the Mount Pleasant Christmas parade and I am going as the Queen of Diamonds. This year I volunteered to walk beside the float instead of riding on it.

Meanwhile, Mary and Mercy’s friend Joy had arrived and most of the kids went out for coffee. When I returned home, only Lina and Jasper were here. Poor Lina is still so sick and just needed to lie down for a while.

After everyone had returned, including Spencer and Jade, my four daughters and I took off for a little mother-daughter outing. We went to Books-a-Million since my favorite bookstore is now closed on weekends. We bought some drinks and browsed through the store. I ended up bringing home my first three 2020 calendars—which makes me realize I’d better get going on my annual calendar for the family!

We had our roast for supper and afterward watched a silly movie. Tomorrow everyone is leaving. So I guess I ‘d better get the peanut butter fudge made before I go to bed tonight, so Mary and Jordan can take some with them.

Parting Shot:


Three of my daughters in their matching plaid shirts.

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