So Grateful

As usual, I was the first one up today, working in the kitchen and baking the breakfast casserole. Then Mary got up and went for a run before breakfast. She is training for a half marathon that is coming up soon!

We had nine of us at the table for breakfast after Spencer and Jade arrived. Mercy and Daniel didn’t make it till closer to noon since they hadn’t even arrived in town until after 3:00 this morning.

Instead of having lunch on Thanksgiving we set up a snack bar and then have a somewhat earlier supper. Almost everyone played a table game while I worked in the kitchen, and then we worked on making paper airplanes for our annual paper airplane races.  It was a gloomy overcast day and we wanted to make sure to do the airplanes while we still had good light.

I know you’re dying to know how the races went. We have three categories: Artistic Design, Distance, and Air Time. Here are this year’s winners:

Jade for Artistic Design, Lina for Air Time, and Daniel for Distance. We had some good planes this year!

The big dinner was bountiful as usual, and almost all of it was gluten free and therefore safe for Mary. I was more restricted in what I could eat, but I did make a couple of the side dishes low carb so that I could have them. Afterward we watched a movie Mercy had brought—The Swan Princess, which was a huge favorite with our kids when they were young. So they really enjoyed the nostalgia trip.

We took a break for dessert when everyone had had enough time for their dinner to settle. Mercy made a beautiful apple pie, Lina made a lovely gluten-free pumpkin pie, and I made a layered dessert that is a big favorite. And there was ice cream. I had planned to make a keto pie but it just seemed like so much effort. I was quite content with a couple slices of cheese and some roasted pecans.

Now the kitchen is mostly clean and I have bone broth simmering on the stove and the house is quiet again. It’s been a good day with family and I’m so glad we have a couple more days together.

Parting Shot:

Thanks to Mary’s expert level selfie skills, we all managed to squeeze into the same shot!

One thought on “So Grateful

  1. Glad you had such a wonderful day together! We had a quiet morning and afternoon, but a good meat that
    Alice coked around 7:00 pm. We watched the Macy Parade for the first time and the Dog Show that followed. Mom


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