As I continued to work in the kitchen today, I planned to make something in my roaster oven, which is an appliance I use all the time. I turned it on to preheat, but when I went to check on it, it was not hot at all. I tried plugging it into another outlet, but no luck. The light was on, but it was lying.

I was miffed. How dare that oven go out on me two days before Thanksgiving after 30 years of trouble-free performance? I had already decided I would have to brave driving the Beast (my husband’s work van) to go to the bank, so I continued on to Walmart intent on getting a new roaster oven. Normally at this time of year they are in plentiful supply.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, our Walmart had apparently never heard of how useful roasters can be for the holidays. There were none at all. Then I was more miffed. I came home and ordered one, but of course it won’t arrive in time for Thanksgiving. All the more reason to be glad I’ve been making so much stuff ahead, since I’ll be having to heat it all in the “main” oven.

My reward for all my efforts was to go to a movie tonight. Before I ever knew that my husband would be out of town this week, I bought a ticket to go see Never Surrender, the Galaxy Quest documentary that was showing tonight only. I had to drive the Beast again, and without any dash lights so I had no idea how fast I was going. When I arrived at the theater, I texted my husband about it and he explained that you can get the dash lights to go on; you just have to sort of coax them into it by turning the knob ever so slowly until you find the magic spot. I am happy to report that I achieved this elusive goal on my way home.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the documentary and tried not to think about my to-do list. Once I returned home I got a couple more things made. Tomorrow is dessert day!

Parting Shot:

This is what a dead roaster looks like after 30 years of hard use, including going to Africa and back.

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