Tea and Society

This morning I was up before 6:30 as my husband finished packing and preparing to leave on his trip. He pulled out of the driveway a few minutes after 8:00—and I went and took a little nap before continuing on with my day.

I had a very long list as usual, and as usual I didn’t make much of a dent in it. I got some paperwork done while I drank my tea, and then started assembling the materials I’ll need for a big project I’m working on. I also made my final batch of chai mix, at least for the time being, and got it all bagged up.

At 11:00 my knitting student arrived, and we were able to make some headway on her hat. It will soon be finished! We had a nice visit too.

Then I had a couple of hours to work on a revision project, do some work in the kitchen, roast some pecans, and move the turkey from the freezer to the fridge so it can start thawing.

At 3:00 my friend Connie arrived for tea. Connie used to be my neighbor but now she lives in El Paso (750 miles away) so I only see her once a year or so when she comes into town for a visit. I used my new teacups which go quite nicely with one of my many teapots. I drank many cups of tea. It is always so good to visit with Connie. I wish their visits weren’t so short!

I like that fact that people came to see me today so I could be sociable even though I don’t have transportation at the moment.

After Connie left I made a loaf of keto bread and browned six pounds of meat for next week. Then I finally got to work on my sewing project.

One of the things I teach my writing students in my paragraph class is how to write a process analysis paragraph. They never go into enough detail on their first attempt, and I sympathize because it is very hard mental work to break a process down and then describe it in a clear and sequential manner.

My current project is one I’ve been putting off for a while because I knew it was going to be a challenging process analysis task. Recently on Facebook, I made the mistake of sharing a project I designed and made several years ago, and I had several requests for the pattern, which I fortunately had saved. But now I have to write out all the detailed instructions for each step of the project, and take lots of photos, which makes a quick and simple project into a huge ordeal. When I get it done I think I will offer the pattern on Etsy in hopes of getting some return on all my effort.

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