Two Days in Tennessee

Yesterday got off to a rather alarming start when my phone rang at 4:40 a.m. My aunt was calling me to tell me to get up and start getting ready for church! I had to tell her that since we didn’t need to leave until 9:30, I would be going back to sleep until 8:00! She goes to bed very early and often wakes up very early, so I don’t know if she even realized how early it was.

Fortunately, I was able to get back to sleep and then when I did get up, my morning mug of tea was very welcome! We met my parents at the church which is literally right next door to my aunt’s condo. Oh, it was such a balm to my spirit to get to enjoy a traditional church service! We sang actual hymns. There was a choir. And a sermon that I could learn from and enjoy.

But as we were preparing to leave for church, one of my aunt’s neighbors came out and pointed out to me that my right rear tire was very low. I was so thankful he noticed because obviously that is the side of the car that I rarely look at. So when I told my dad about it, he had me drive my car over to his driveway after church (a couple of blocks). Then we all piled into my parents’ car and went to an Italian/Greek restaurant for lunch.

After lunch quite a lot of napping went on, but then my dad got going on my tire problem. He discovered that the sidewall of the tire had split, which means that it can’t be fixed. Which means that new tires are necessary. Not what I wanted to hear! But I am SO thankful this happened here at my parents’ place where I can get help, and not on the highway where I’d have to pay for a tow truck!

In the evening I showed my parents photos of my trip until they both fell asleep, and then headed back to my aunt’s place to do some reading before bed. I still have a lot of reading to stay caught up with.

This morning my sleep was blessedly uninterrupted until my alarm went off. I had a nice leisurely cup of tea with my aunt before going over to my parents’ house, where they were just getting started on the day. My dad spent some time on the phone setting up my tire replacement, and then drove my car to the Sam’s in a nearby town, impersonated me, and got the new tires.

Meanwhile, I made goodies here. Coconut bars, date bars, and lemon meringue pie. When Dad returned, I fetched my aunt to come have a late lunch with us and they ate the leftover roast beef from Saturday.

After naps all round, I returned to start working on my final baking adventure—the fresh coconut cake my mother had requested. That was a LOT of work! But the finished cake looks good enough to eat! It is supposed to stay in the fridge for three days before being eaten. We’ll see if it lasts that long . . .

For supper I demonstrated my “omelet in a thermos” technique and my parents enjoyed some pie. We have had a nice visit, and a call from my youngest brother, and I am going to post this before heading back to the house with no internet. Tomorrow, I begin my journey home.

One thought on “Two Days in Tennessee

  1. I’m so glad that God took the reigns on the tire situation before leaving to come home. I also would never had noticed a low tire pressure on my car, probably many woman wouldn’t notice. It seems that you have had a wonderful visit with your folks and cooked some amazing treats. Your comment about church is so very interesting to me, I’m not sure if its our age or the change in music at church but I’m glad you felt like you worshiped God with hymns and praise and the Word proclaimed.


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