Of Pyres and Pumpkins

I worked hard this morning getting ready for my younger class and then teaching it. The kids had two quizzes today. During recess, I made good on my promise to demonstrate how to start a fire with flint and steel. I used a cotton ball and magnesium shavings and we had plenty of pine needles, so I got a great little fire going very quickly. I sent the kids foraging in the yard for some sticks that we could use as kindling:

My original thought had been to let the kids have a go at it, but I realized this would be too time-consuming, and also I had a student who could not resist playing with the fire and I didn’t want to encourage him. So instead of continuing to feed the fire, we let it burn out and came back inside.

As soon as class was over, I drove up to the north side of town in search of coconut to take to my parents this weekend. They can no longer buy the kind they like where they live.

I also received a phone call from the doctor’s office with my test results finally. The nurse who called me is “new” and does not know that I was ever diabetic. So I was kind of tickled that she told me my blood sugar was great and that I’m in no danger of getting diabetes. My A1C score is 4.9! That is well within the “optimal” range. I guess I’ll keep up the good work . . .

The rest of the afternoon was mostly about pumpkin. I made a batch of pumpkin scones. They smelled heavenly. (My once-famous pumpkin pie bars were already in the fridge.) Finally, I made a family favorite—pumpkin soup. I took all three things to my writers’ group meeting and potluck this evening.

This fall potluck was even more poorly attended than the one in the spring, despite my sending out several reminders about it. The fact is I’m a pretty lame leader even though I put quite a bit of effort into it! But it was still enjoyable hanging out with four of my writer/critiquing friends. We shared about books we had loved as kids and those of us who went to Writers in the Field had a chance to talk about it and show off our projects. There was LOTS of leftover food. Something tells me my family will have a very pumpkin-y meal tomorrow.

As soon as I got home, I had to leave again as Jasper needed to go to Walmart. THEN I could finally have a nice cup of tea. I just realized I only have one more day at home to prepare for my trip, as we’ll be in Dallas on Thursday. Maybe I should start making some lists . . .

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