Playing With Fire

Yesterday morning Jasper and I went to church without Walter, as he really had to get the house repairs done before the rain came in. During the afternoon, Jasper helped him and they did get it done.

Meanwhile, I made a big pot of curry and went to fetch Sammy from Kilgore. Spencer and Jade came for supper but Lucy and Tanner weren’t here as they had driven into Dallas to go to the art museum. Fortunately they returned before the tornadoes hit! It was a stormy, stormy night.

I was up late doing class work and up early this morning getting a few papers graded. I am so far behind on my grading! Class went pretty well, although I was surprised at how poorly some of the students did on my very easy quiz . . .

After class ended, I had a little break during which I prepared for my tutoring student who comes on Mondays. This week everyone is back to coming on their regular days.

While it was still light, I got Jasper to help me experiment with starting a fire with flint and steel. I promised my younger students that they would get to try it tomorrow, and it’s been a really long time since I did it. So anyway, out we went and tried to light our tinder (pine needles) with our flint and steel. We generated plenty of sparks, and created some tiny fireworks with our magnesium shavings, but not enough to set our pine needles ablaze.

Eventually, we agreed to “cheat” by using cotton balls (one each). Voilà! We both easily started a fire using a cotton ball. Now I can walk my students through the process and hopefully they will get to make a little fire or two.

This evening in addition to class preparation, I finally added a closure to the hand-sewn journal I made at Writers in the Field, and I made the dessert I’ll be taking to tomorrow’s potluck. So much left to do!

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