Peter Pan and Edinburgh

I slept well my first night in Scotland, despite staying up way too late last night trying to post yesterday’s entry! This morning after getting up and showering (and having tea, of course), Maggie and I picked up her sister Christine and the three of us toured a new attraction in Dumfries—Moat Brae. It’s the house that inspired J.M. Barrie to write Peter Pan, based on his adventures with his friend who lived in the house when he was a boy. The lady at the desk told us to just sneak around the house as if we were trespassing! It is a beautiful home and we enjoyed going from room to room and seeing the Peter Pan themed features.

With the McKenzie sisters!

Then we went out to the garden where they have set up all sorts of fun places for kids to play. My kids would have LOVED it when they were young! We probably would have stayed longer if Christine hadn’t needed to get home to finish packing for her trip to Spain. So we took her home and I said goodbye, and then we went back to Maggie’s house to finish our own packing for our road trip.

We were on the road shortly after 1:00 and arrived in Edinburgh in the middle of the afternoon. Our objective was to tour the castle. We started off doing the half-hour tour and that was very helpful. We saw the Scottish Crown Jewels and I also got a photo of Maggie in front of St. Margaret’s Chapel (the oldest building in Edinburgh) standing beside the cannon named “Mons Meg.” I enjoyed all of it!

From there we walked down onto the Royal Mile and I did a rather frantic circuit of St. Giles Cathedral before they kicked us out. I believe this was cathedral #4 for this trip. I have loved them all!

We returned to the car park via the Princess Street Gardens which are so lush and green. We tried to get a good look at Holyrood House, but apparently they are filming a movie there so we didn’t see much! The next challenge was finding a parking spot near Maggie’s friend Liz’s house. She lives in downtown Edinburgh, so we had to park a block away. But we made it! And Liz made us a fabulous supper and has been a most gracious hostess.

Tomorrow we leave early to hit the road again . . .

Parting shot:


A final glimpse of Edinburgh Castle in the light of the setting sun.

Postscript—In case you wondered, I AM taking lots of photos, about 400 per day. I just haven’t had time to do much with them at all.

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