New Togs

You might want to skip today’s entry if you’re not interested in clothes or sewing. Today my friend Robin took me to a nearby town for a belated birthday lunch, followed by a trip to the shopping center containing my three most dangerous stores: Jo-Ann’s, Half Price Books, and World Market. I got a start on my Christmas shopping! It was a wonderful break from all the work I’ve been doing.

I wore my new denim dress for the occasion, wanting to see how I’d feel about it after wearing it for several hours. I am now in love with this dress. I have been designing it in my head since May, when a little girl’s tunic gave me an idea I thought I could incorporate into a dress.

Maybe I should first explain that my first two priorities for clothing are comfort and modesty. I do not care about fashion at all. If something I like is in fashion, I’ll wear it, but in reality I wear what I like whether it’s in fashion or not. I simply do not have any interest in being fashionable.

So, as I thought about my trip, I thought I would really like to have a plain, serviceable denim dress to wear—what used to be referred to as an “everyday” dress. I searched and searched online and did not find anything even remotely similar to what I had in mind. I bought the denim and continued working on the design in my head.

I have learned a lot about what is and isn’t flattering on me during my weight-loss process, so although I don’t care about fashion, I am interested in wearing clothes that are at least not unflattering! Given my size and my shape and my stage of senectitude, I have finally figured out what works for me.

As I’ve already mentioned, I worked this week to draft the pattern, using a ready-made pattern as my starting point but altering it almost beyond recognition—14 pattern pieces! In my head I knew what I wanted the dress to look like—but knowing what I want and having it work out are two different things. So you can imagine my delight last night when I finished the dress and tried it on, and it was pretty much exactly what I had wanted. Comfortable, modest, and very wearable. One of the things I incorporated was deep pleats on the sides to give me room to walk. The original pattern was very narrow and I have no interest in mincing about like a Japanese geisha in a kimono! The pleats enable me to stride unhampered, as nature intended.

No doubt some of you have already scrolled down to see the photo, and are asking yourselves, “That’s it? It’s nothing special!”  And it’s not—what’s special about it is that this plain dress is exactly what I wanted, and I succeeded in designing and making it look like the picture in my head. I will definitely make this pattern again!

4 thoughts on “New Togs

  1. Very well done Linda! But please get some comfortable walking schoes befor your trip.
    I was without a compter for over 2 weeks due to a bad thunderstorm that sapped my computer. So have a new working one since Wednesday. Love, Mom


    • Susan, I’m not sure how I gave the impression I don’t have to iron! I iron all the time while sewing. I’m sure this dress will need to be ironed each time it is washed, but I now know that once ironed, it stays wrinkle-free through hours of wearing, including sitting in a car with a seat belt on. So I am pretty happy with it.


  2. I really, really like this dress. I would wear it on the plane and everywhere, even though some might think it’s too dressy for flying, considering that most passengers don’t care how they look. After all, you are a business-person on a personal flight, and you’re entitled to dress as you wish! I think it should fit well with the activities you are expecting to have. I’m praying that your trip will be all that you could hope for! You deserve a break from all your hard work!


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