Rainy Relief

Watering our yard yesterday worked like a charm! It rained this morning, and again for a few minutes this afternoon! The temperature didn’t hit 100 degrees either, so it was a double win.

I have put aside my academic work briefly to work on the sewing I really feel I have to do. This morning I worked on drafting the final pattern for the dress I’m making. I hate drafting patterns so much, but I can’t figure out any way around it if I know what I want and no one else has had the same idea!

I did take a break this afternoon to go hang out with my friend Donna:

Donna is in town to visit her dad, and I try to see her when she’s here since she lives in Virginia and I don’t see her often. So we met up at Panera and spent some time visiting before we both had to get back to our responsibilities. It is always so good to see her.

Jasper had a rough day today and woke up sick, but he felt it was more of an upset stomach than more colon trouble. He slept away the morning and then took some activated charcoal and felt much better. By this evening he was up to going to youth group.

After supper I had finished my drafting and was able to do the cutting out. I cut out the dress, a skirt, and reshaped the hem of a dress I bought because I didn’t like it the way it was. Tomorrow, I hope to get most of the actual sewing done. And a lot more school work too.

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