Yarn & Books

Today started like every weekday does at the moment, with me getting ready for my essay class. Shortly after it ended, Lina arrived to have lunch with us! She had to come into town to do some business, so she considerately came today so she could also help me with the yarn classes—and boy did I need help!

We had two first-timers today who wanted to learn to crochet, and several others who were crochet beginners. Plus several kids who still need help with knitting, and a couple of crochet prodigies who were ready for more challenging projects! It was a very intense couple of hours.

When yarn class ended, I took Lina to the bank to take care of some stuff and then we continued on to the bookstore as she had some books to drop off. And then, to my amusement, she bought one of the very books that I had dropped off yesterday!

We came to the house and I kept Lina company while she ate supper, and then she retrieved her laundry from the dryer and headed on home. It was good to see her and hear how she and her cat are settling into their apartment.

My new sandals arrived via UPS today. I will try not to launch into a jeremiad about my shoe woes, but the reality is that finding shoes that fit and are comfortable is just about impossible for me. But my one pair of walking sandals have just about worn out after some 15 years, and I know I’m going to need something to walk in on my trip.

So I ordered some new leather sandals from Amazon. Of course, I had to get men’s sandals because the ladies’ shoes don’t come in my size. (I had a specific brand I wanted because that’s what my old sandals are and they’ve been pretty comfortable and functional for many years.) I wore the new sandals for about an hour and they are definitely going to need some breaking-in. The footbed is very comfortable but the straps rub in a couple of places.

When Jasper got back from church this evening I made him take a few minutes to shoot some crochet videos for me so I can post them for my students. He hates doing it but he’s the only videographer I’ve got!

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