Peopled Out

First of all, I owe you an apology for not posting a hymn yesterday. I am so far behind on everything I want to do and have been working so hard to do it all, that some things have slipped by the wayside.

Yesterday I got up and made a nice breakfast like I always do on Sunday morning. It’s the one day of the week when we all eat breakfast together (all three of us at the moment!). But then I had to rush around assembling a salad and getting stuff together for my day while Walter and Jasper went to church in the van. I also set up the rice maker and got a pork roast going in the slow cooker so the family would have something to eat for supper.

Shortly after they left, I took off also, headed for Arlington on the far side of Dallas (about 150 miles). I ended up at an AirBnB house where the fine folks at WORD were putting on an event for people like myself who are leaders of writers’ groups.

I missed most of the first class, but there were three more, all of which were valuable. I was very glad to have taken a quart of strong hot tea with me because I needed it to stay focused through the afternoon. Listening to everyone else talk about their groups was so helpful and I think I have a better grasp now of what some options might be for our group. Despite spending the entire afternoon in the company of mostly strangers, I felt almost energized.

We ended with an informational meeting and a potluck. I had taken some Greek salad fortified with chicken, and some lemon brownies. I didn’t linger, however, because I had so much work waiting for me at home. Once again, I absquatulated.

The drive was livened somewhat by listening to the audiobook of my book club book, which I am still struggling through. I knew that using my driving time to listen was the only hope I had of finishing the book, because at home I would not have time to read.

I arrived home sometime after 8:00, and got to see Jade and Spencer briefly when they came to get something to eat. Meanwhile, I had two classes to prepare for.

This morning I jumped right back into my class prep and laminated yet more handouts and made a batch of gluten-free brownies for my kids’ snack. I ran out of time before I finished my grading, but at least I was ready to teach my essay class this morning and my Story Quest class this afternoon. The only problem was that as an introvert, I had spent the entire day yesterday “peopling” and I had a long day of more people ahead of me, with no recovery time. This is mentally exhausting to me. By the middle of Story Quest, I was feeling the strain. Those kids are very loud and boisterous and I snapped a little at one of them, for no reason other than that I was so tired of having questions and comments fired at me as from a machine gun. I wish I had just taken a deep breath and hung in there a little longer!

And once the class ended, I had only an hour’s respite before getting back into the car and driving up to Mount Pleasant for a meeting about the Renaissance Faire. Once again, I used the driving time to listen to my book.

The meeting went pretty well, but it was difficult for me to stay focused when all I really wanted to do was curl up and hibernate for a couple of months! We are in the final weeks before the faire and there is still so much to be done.

Twilight was deepening when the meeting ended, and as I walked out to the car I was greeted by the sight of the brilliant full moon. I drove home by its silvery light, once again listening to my book. Book club is tomorrow, and I think I’m going to be finished by then!

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