Before It Blows Up . . .

I apparently forgot to post this yesterday . . .

We’ve been having problems with our microwave. It still does a fine job of heating stuff up, but the problem is that it turns “on” whenever you open it, leaving us all to wonder if we are being bombarded with radiation. Jade said that her family’s microwave did that too—“before it blew up.”

So, I resigned myself to the inevitable and ordered a new microwave from Walmart. I got the biggest one I could find (out of over a hundred models) but when Jasper and I set it up today, I was dismayed to see that it is smaller in every dimension than our old one. I fear that my days of being able to microwave a 9×13 glass pan are over, as are my days of being able to put any tall container in the microwave. It’s okay. I’ll adjust. Microwaves have always made me nervous anyway, but sometimes they are just so dang convenient.

The nice thing about having to replace the microwave is that I also had to reorganize that whole part of the kitchen, which desperately needed it. If only I had time to do more of that instead of what I really did have to do today—which was a lot of cooking and school prep and critiquing and laundry.

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