Note: I wrote this last night but was unable to post it due to a power outage.

When Lina was born a “few” years ago, we became a household of three for the first time. Today, when Lina moved out, we became a household of three again—at least for the next month while Lucy is still in Alaska!

Lina has done a stellar job of restarting her life from scratch after nine years on the mission field. She got a car and found part-time ways to make some income while diligently seeking a fulltime position, which she now has. Her sister Mary did a fundraiser to provide some funds to furnish her new place, as she had very little furniture of her own.

So today we borrowed a neighbor’s SUV and towed our trailer down to Lina’s new apartment in Nacogdoches—twice. (Our trailer is quite small.) On the first trip, we took most of the stuff, packed into two cars and the trailer. Her apartment is quite charming and the entrance is shaded by blooming crepe myrtles:

Since I am not supposed to do heavy lifting (and since my arthritis makes it impossible anyway), I worked on stuff in the apartment—lining drawers and shelves, putting away silverware, hanging up a shower curtain and a bunch of clothes, etc. Lina and Walter lugged everything in through the heat and then they took off to pick up Lina’s piano, which she was given by her new headmaster. Getting the piano out of the trailer and into the apartment was a major challenge. They really needed by help, but I was completely useless because I have zero grip strength due to my arthritis. So they ended up having to roll the piano on the sidewalk which was far from ideal. Once the piano made it into the living room, Walter began putting some stuff together. Lina helped him assemble her bed frame, and then while she went to get the requisite hot dog supplies for lunch, he assembled her dining table and chairs.

If you’ve read about any of our family’s previous moves, you know that a requirement is that the first meal in a new house has to be hot dogs. By the time Lina returned and cooked the hot dogs, she had a table to sit at and chairs to sit on!

As soon as we finished eating, we had to get back on the road to come get the rest of her stuff, including her loveseat and her comfy wingback chair—and her cat, who was very disgruntled after being subjected to a bath. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes each way. While Lina and Walter loaded the trailer, I grabbed a quick cup of tea. I needed it!

The second unloading went much more quickly, and I had more clothes to hang up so at least there was something I could do. It would have been nice to stay and help her for longer, but Walter still had his cleaning job to do, so instead we went to Chick-Fil-A and had a quick supper before saying goodbye.

As soon as we got home, Walter had to leave for work. I went to top off the tank in our borrowed car and return it, then went to work on getting ready for tomorrow’s essay class.

And finally, two months from today I fly to London. I have planning to do!

Parting Shot:

Lina by her new front door.

One thought on “Three

  1. That was a hard and busy day for you three getting Lina settled in her new small place! She has such beautiful trees at her front door! I’d been wondering about table and chairs. Now I know she has all the necessary items. All I now need is her address, so I can remember that Indian town! Mom


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