It’s Saturday AGAIN?

Today felt like our third Saturday in a row, since both Walter and Jasper have had the time off from their regular jobs.

Since Walter and Jasper did their yard jobs yesterday. Walter and Lina had this morning to finish up the floor job and put everything back in place. Those daycare kids will have sparkling floors when they return on Monday.

I had a very long to-do list for today. Even though I was busy all day, I feel like I didn’t make much headway.

I had a bunch of sorting and putting-away to do, to clear off something we are giving to Lina when she moves out in just a few days.

I took Jasper to Walmart as he had something to return and I needed a couple of things too.

Looking at the way the day was shaping up this morning, I gave up on making crumpets and instead made sourdough ham-and-cheese crepes for lunch. I hear they were tasty. And in case you’re interested, when I make savory crepes with meat and cheese filling, I make a spread to go on the crepe before I add the meat and cheese. I mix together two-thirds mayonnaise with one-third Dijon mustard, then I stir in as much Parmesan cheese as I can and still have it be spreadable. The spread really seems to enhance the flavor of the meat and cheese.

Whenever I needed a break from whatever else I was doing, I knitted for a few minutes. I made some progress, but didn’t get to where I wanted to be by this evening.

I finally cut out my dress. This isn’t even the real dress. This is a practice dress I am making from a couple of sheets so I can see if I like it enough to make it for “real.” I am modifying the pattern and am not at all sure that the result will be as attractive as I hope.

I spent hours going over book lists and doing some planning for the next school year. My “regular” classes start just six weeks from Monday! I have SO MUCH to do to get ready! And still three summer classes to teach too!

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