The Wrong Kind of Tea

Today as I was driving Jade to our house to help with my knitting classes, we passed a business that advertised itself as a “tea and water” company. I was stunned. Could our redneck town have actually acquired a classy tea shop?

The answer is no. Upon researching the establishment in question, I discovered that they sell various flavors of sweet and unsweet iced tea. I do not drink any variety of cold tea so this place is no longer of any interest to me. *sigh* And yes, that does make me a failure as a Texan.

So anyway, I had my paragraph class this morning and then picked up Jade and brought her back in time for lunch. My two knitting classes have developed distinct personalities over the last month. The first class is the extrovert class. They are almost all talkers and on the loud and rowdy side. Today’s class felt like barely contained pandemonium. At least most of the kids have begun to master the basics of knitting and several have finished their dishcloths.

The second knitting class was a change of pace. The kids were focused, polite and quiet. They patiently waited for help when they needed help. No one yelled. It gave me a chance to recover from the first class!

After taking Jade home I had a well-deserved cup of (hot) tea and made supper so Jasper could eat before he went to church. After dropping him off, I had a very quiet walk in the gym. Tomorrow I only teach one class!

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