Artistic Alcohol

Can you believe it’s June already? The year is flying by, and soon the summer will be over!

I haven’t heard a word from the campers all day, so I have to assume they’re having fun and therefore have no reason to communicate. I’ll be going to pick them up tomorrow morning.

This morning I worked on some class prep and then left to go to my watercolor class, which has been moved to Saturdays now. Only today we didn’t do watercolor at all. Instead we watched a demonstration and learned how to do alcohol ink art. I am so medieval I had never even heard of this art form—but I like it! The teacher had a fancy airbrush setup to demonstrate, but we practiced using plastic straws to blow through. These were my first two attempts:

We used nothing but droppers and straws! (And occasionally a spray bottle.)

That was a lot of fun, and I didn’t feel guilty for taking that little break. This afternoon I took Lina up to Sam’s Club to buy silverware for her new apartment, and also helped one of my young knitters with her knitting. I did some knitting of my own while watching a video with Lina. I am trying to stick to knitting dishcloths for at least a few days, as I need to rebuild my stock. I gave all the ones I had away on my trip. The yarn for my next big project hasn’t arrived yet so I might as well get some small projects done, right?

2 thoughts on “Artistic Alcohol

  1. I’m glad you could buy silverware for Lina. I’d planned to take her to Target when she was here. But truthfully I didn’t know if I should. Alice finally has an interview with a German business here tomorrow at 1;30 pm. It’s about 10 miles from here. Pray that offer will be my answer of prayer. Love, Mom


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