A Huge Accomplishment for Jordan & A Paucity of Time for Me

By now you may have guessed that I am a list maker. Lists help me stay on track and reach my goals.

Today I had a long list of things I hoped to accomplish. I did not finish them all.

I went grocery shopping twice (at two different stores)

I cooked, picked, and chopped up two chickens

I made keto bread which I’ll need for a casserole on Sunday

I browned five pounds of sausage

I made a double batch of cheese and sausage balls

I made another batch of hot cross buns

I made my yummy keto crackers (which I only make for VERY special occasions)

I did a LOT of critiquing for my students and critique partners

I got my walk in at the gym

There are six things left on the list, which I’ll have to put off till tomorrow and hope that I can get them all done before our first visitors arrive. Still, I’ve made some great progress on the food for Easter weekend and I know I’ll be glad to have more time with my family while they’re all here.

Meanwhile, today was a BIG day for Mary and Jordan. Jordan finally was able to defend his doctoral thesis at Vanderbilt and is now Dr. Jordan Nikkel. We are so proud of him! And so relieved that this long journey in quest of a PhD is over. Tomorrow, they will be on their way here to join us for Easter so we can congratulate him in person. And no, I have no idea what his thesis was about and I’m sure if he explained it to me, I still wouldn’t know. Math and I have only a passing acquaintance.

As I write this, Flynn and Tiffany are already on the road from Colorado. They plan to drive all night, stop to visit friends in Dallas, and arrive here tomorrow evening. Then everyone will be here except Mercy and Daniel, who won’t arrive till Sunday due to Mercy’s work schedule.

And Lucy is spending the night camping out in a hammock. She is attending the annual Easter weekend goat roast held by the university’s international students. I hope she stays warm enough!

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