A Fancy Dinner

Today was my final day with my parents, so I tried to make the best of it. I did the last grocery shopping this morning before I even went over there, so I could just cook the rest of the day. I got the lasagna sauce going and made a double batch of shortcakes (for my parents to freeze for making strawberry shortcake).  

Instead of making one big pan of lasagna, I made six loaf pans so my parents can just take out one whenever they’re in the mood for lasagna. I had a few free minutes after lunch, so I went ahead and made a “bonus” batch of lemon brownies too.

Today was my most ambitious day in terms of the menu. My dad had requested German rouladen, and that took most of the afternoon. I made German red cabbage to go with them and roasted some new potatoes. The final project was a lemon meringue pie—one of my dad’s lifelong favorites.

My aunt wasn’t able to join us for supper this time, so there were just three of us for this special meal. I had never made rouladen before—and they are a LOT of work—but I may make them again because they certainly were delicious!

I had contacted all three of my brothers, and by an amazing miracle, they all were available this evening, so I set up a video chat with them on my laptop. That was a real treat to be able to hear and see my brothers and for my parents to be able to talk to all four of us at once.

It’s been a very intense few days, but my parents’ freezers are now full and that was the plan! Tomorrow morning I will be leaving to drive back to Memphis for another brief visit with Mary and Jordan before I head home on Monday.

Parting Shot:


Rouladen and Red Cabbage. They were both delicious.

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