Two Days of Feasting

Yesterday (Sunday) I wisely stayed home from church and rested, knowing I’d need to have some strength later. I did get up long enough to make my world-famous carrot cake, which is my husband’s favorite kind of cake, and yesterday happened to be his birthday.

Mercy and Daniel arrived from Dallas in time for lunch, and it was so good to see them. With some help from Lina, I made a huge batch of ground nut stew and rice, assembled all the toppings, and made the cream cheese icing for the cake. 

The kids stayed here to eat, while Walter and I took our food to our Life Group potluck. Walter had to carry almost everything as I have some pretty strict restrictions on what I can lift or carry. We really love our small group and I was glad to be able to share some of our favorite food with them. It seemed to go over pretty well—and there was enough cake left to share with the kids when we returned home. Because of our small group gathering, we didn’t really “celebrate” Walter’s birthday yesterday, but waited until today when the maximum number of family members could be present.

Today I had no hope of sleeping in because I had class this morning. Yet, thanks to my recovery struggles, I wasn’t up to the mental challenge of teaching new material. Fortunately, we had just finished reading a book, so we watched the movie and still had time to go over our vocabulary. I am determined to be much more functional by next week!

This afternoon Mercy took me to Walmart—my first outing since the hospital! Lina made an apple pie for the birthday boy, and Mercy did most of the work on the chicken enchiladas. I find I still have to lie down fairly often. Lucy also is recovering from several big bruises and sunburn acquired playing rugby on Saturday.

Spencer and Jade were able to join us for supper, making nine of us at the table. The enchiladas disappeared with amazing speed. Although Walter’s main gift was his ticket to the Chinese show last week, we had a few more little things for him and of course pie and ice cream too. Mercy and Daniel had to leave to get home to Dallas so that Mercy can go to work tomorrow.

I have spent most of the evening trying to catch up on my reading so I will be ready for my student tomorrow. I am frustrated by my limitations and by how much rest I still need—but nothing lasts forever . . . .

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