Rainy Monday

Yesterday (Sunday) we had our small group in the evening. We meet twice a month and it is always a potluck, which I love because I like to cook and if it’s a potluck, I can always make sure to take something that I can eat. Plus I have all the potluck things that I’ve accumulated over the years: pans with lids, insulated casserole carriers, insulated serving dishes, my Wonderbag, and my thermos collection, including my new favorite, a three-quart Stanley “crock” with a clamp-on lid. I love it because after I preheat it with boiling water, it will keep food hot for many hours, even if the lid is off a lot of the time.

We had a new couple join the group, and they have a baby, so we now have two adorable babies. I am a big fan of babies.

Today is a “break” day from my class as my students need time to take notes for their research papers. Jasper still had to do school—we just didn’t have class. It was a rainy, wet, overcast, drizzly day. I prewashed some fabric and mended some pants for Jasper and re-threaded my serger with the thread that Lina needs for a project.

I thought I would be happy to stay in the house all day, but by late afternoon I realized I really needed to pick up a couple of things at Hobby Lobby, including some posterboard that Jasper needs for school. So I went out into the drizzle and at least it was different drizzle on the other side of town!

My walk this evening was not very enjoyable because the rain meant that quite a few athletes were running on the track with me instead of outside like they usually do. I do not enjoy a crowded track. I could have gone to a concert this evening, but by the time I remembered, it was too late to go . . .

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