A Move and a Sudden Change of Plans

I realized I never told you last night about my writers’ meeting. Instead of the usual workshop or lecture, it was one of those “murder mystery” dinners where various people were playing the five suspects in the dastardly murder of a Boston socialite on her way to marry a Texas rancher. It was a lot of fun. We were split up into groups and allowed to interview each of the suspects. My group did not guess who the killer was—but we still had fun.

The meeting broke up rather suddenly when it started sleeting outside. I drove home carefully and was glad to get here.

This morning I slept in before getting up to do some work in the kitchen. My husband took off once again to work on the green van—the one he’s trying to get operational for when the gray one bites the dust.

I texted Spencer near noon to ask if Jade had arrived safely, because I knew she was coming in for the weekend. He said no. She left via Greyhound early this morning, but her bus was late and Spencer was afraid she’d miss her connection in Dallas. I told him I’d be willing to go get her if she missed her bus, because Spencer had to work today and I knew if she had to wait for him to come get her, it would be late evening before he could be there.

Sure enough, at about 1:30 I got a call from Jade saying she’d missed her connection and was stranded at the bus station in Dallas. So all my plans went out the window and a few minutes later I was on the road headed toward Dallas.

The weather was ghastly. Cold, rainy, overcast, with a few areas of sleet. I was held up several times because of accidents on the highway. I’ve got to admit, I was not thrilled about having to drive into downtown Dallas. It was a stressful drive, but eventually I made it to the bus station and picked up Jade.

There were more traffic holdups on the way home due to accidents, so my GPS routed me a totally different way. We didn’t run into any traffic jams at all, and we made it home just in time for the dinner which Lina had to make because I hadn’t been here to do it!

Spencer got off work and was able to join us while we were still sitting at the table. When he has to work Saturday, he gets Monday off, so his weekend will be starting tomorrow.

Meanwhile, 900 miles away in Colorado Springs, Flynn and Tiffany moved into their new home today after closing on it yesterday! Flynn sent me a picture as confirmation that they honored our family’s tradition of always having hot dogs for the first meal in a new home. I’m sure there is plenty more work to do, but I am so happy that they have their own place now.

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