A Rainy Rescue & Banana Bread Baking

Today got off to a pretty exciting start. We’ve had several days of very warm, humid weather (by warm I mean as high as the low 80s!). Last night it was supposed to rain, but it didn’t. When I looked at the weather map this morning, there didn’t seem to be any rain in the offing. So my husband went to work on his bicycle as usual. And Jasper got up excited about his bicycle excursion to a donut shop on a highway over three miles from here (the one in walking distance has closed). He was going there to meet up with the new leader of his youth group. (Second new guy in less than a year.)

I made sure he had his phone so he could call me if he needed help. I resisted the urge to follow him in the car because that’s creepy and after all, he’s almost eighteen! So he set off and then ten minutes later it started raining—hard. I received a text from Jasper saying he needed to be picked up. I was still in my pajamas, so I threw some clothes on and drove off in the pouring rain to look for him. I received a second text telling me where he was. He was on the side of the highway where the side street he’d been on intersected with it.

Poor guy. Standing there in the pouring rain, drenched to the skin. He hadn’t called because he was wet. He had called because his bike chain broke when he tried to cross the highway! I thought maybe we could fit the bike in the trunk, but no. He tossed the useless chain into the car and then said he’d continue on to the donut shop, using his bike as a scooter since the pedals were useless.

Meanwhile, I returned home, parked the car, and got the van keys. I don’t enjoy driving that beast anymore, but this time it was necessary. I drove to the donut shop, where I found my sopping son already there and waiting under an overhang for his youth leader. With some effort, he got his bike into the van. His youth leader showed up, also on a bike, and was very impressed with Jasper’s dedication.

I waited in the van for over an hour while they had their breakfast. It seemed silly to drive all the way home and then turn around and drive back again to get Jasper. Then I received a text from my husband asking me to bring his raincoat and umbrella. He had gone to work not thinking he would need them.

So I told Jasper we had to leave, and he was actually relieved to get into the warm van I think. He was quite chilled from sitting in wet clothes all that time. I dropped him off at home, picked up my husband’s coat and umbrella, and drove them over to his office. I had a few minutes at home before driving back to campus to take Lucy the donuts I’d bought her. The temperature had dropped more than twenty degrees and I got cold walking from the car to the student center!

Lina had an opportunity come up suddenly to get paid to do some cleaning, so she was away all afternoon doing that. I, on the other hand, had a lot of baking to do. The rugby team had a bake sale today, but Lucy has a very busy class schedule on Thursdays so I knew all the baking would be my responsibility.

I made forty-eight banana-nut muffins with streusel on top. Jasper helped me package them all. Then I made 24 “kolaches.” I put that in quotes because it’s a cheater way to make them, but they’re really good! I drove Lucy over to campus with the goodies in boxes and the bake sale went well. Meanwhile, I made a big ol’ stir-fry for the family for supper, to use up as much stuff in the fridge as possible before I go shopping at Aldi tomorrow.

So today was a day when I didn’t really get to do anything that I’d planned or wanted! But that’s okay. I’m glad I was able to help my family out.

I’m also glad to be wearing a sweater again. It was 73 degrees when I got up this morning. Now it’s 32 and feels like 23! Winter’s back.

I’d like to ask you all to pray for Lina tomorrow (Friday). She has another job interview. The last place she interviewed strung her along for a month before telling her they’d decided not to fill the position. This month is the last month she’ll receive any “support” from her mission. She is eager to get started on her new life and find a job so she can get her own place. Because of her tendonitis, she can’t have a job where she’d be on her feet a lot. Pray that she finds something soon! I think having some time off has been good for her, but she is ready to have something to do.

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