Sew & Sew

Today I knew I really had to make some headway on Lucy’s weighted blanket. It is not a project I enjoy, because it is so bulky and heavy. I have to take over our huge dining room table and set up my sewing machine there, because I don’t have room to work on that size project in my sewing room.

Today, though, I was mostly marking. First I had to mark all the vertical channels and then pin and sew each one. It doesn’t sound time consuming but it is! I did take some breaks and do some knitting too. And before lunch I was busy helping Jasper to make a spiced chai pound cake to take and share with his gaming group. The pound cake is a recipe I developed a few years ago for Jasper to enter in the harvest festival. The cake was a hit!

This evening I got the horizontal lines drawn on the blanket and one row of squares filled and sewn. Still LOTS of work to do but at least the marking is done!

Since we had to eat in the living room today anyway, we watched some enjoyable nature documentaries. We finished up a series on Africa and started one on Alaska. It’s nice to have something to watch while knitting.

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