A Visitor & A Reality Check

Today I was privileged to receive a visit from my friend Connie, whom I hadn’t seen since last February, when I visited her at her home in El Paso. She and her husband are in town for a visit and it was so good to see her! Connie and I have been friends for twenty years, since she and her husband first moved here. We were neighbors for many of those years, until they moved away a few years ago.

So it was good to take some time out of the day and catch up with an old friend over a mug of tea. We will get to see both her and her husband on Sunday at church, so I’m looking forward to that too.

10-25-18 Connie & me

After she left, I started working on our lodging in Colorado when we go for Flynn’s wedding. I had hoped we could stay with a friend, but it didn’t work out, so I realized we’d need to get an Airbnb, since I will be making the wedding cake and I need a kitchen to do that.

I have never stayed in an Airbnb before, and I have heard from multiple people how inexpensive they are—and I guess that’s true, if you’re comparing it to renting multiple hotel rooms. But all I can say is—Yikes! I went ahead and booked the place, but I’m in absolute shock over what it’s going to cost. (And yes, this was the cheapest one I found that had the features we need.) I am going to have to rejigger our budget for the next several months in order to make this work. It may take me a few days to recover from the blow.

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