My Sundays have changed quite a bit recently. First of all, we sometimes have our small group on Sunday evenings, which means we can’t have our family dinner on Sunday every week. Secondly, Mercy and Daniel are now also keto, which means the menus need an overhaul. When it was just me, I could still make the usual comfort food and just not eat it, but now I want to make sure there is food that Mercy and Daniel can eat.

So yesterday I roasted a ham. I also roasted potatoes for those who can have them, and a whole cauliflower for us keto folks. I made some keto rolls ahead of time. Then I had bought some zucchini with the vague idea that I would do something with them.

I had a bucket full of green cherry tomatoes after cutting down my tomato plants on Saturday, so I decided to make something up using ingredients I had on hand. I made some cream-cheese-stuffed zucchini boats with the green tomatoes and baked them in the oven. They were a huge hit and even my non-zucchini-loving family members liked them. So if you would like the recipe, I posted it on my recipes page (see the tab at the top of this page and it will be the first recipe).

Today of course I had my class, and as I was getting ready I realized that I couldn’t find some papers I needed to hand back to my students. After thinking it through very carefully (and looking in every possible place), the only answer I could come up with is that I left the papers in my hotel in Dallas two weekends ago. I had taken some papers to grade with me, and I must have left them when I left my class notes for that weekend’s workshop! *deep sigh* Fortunately they were only vocabulary worksheets.

This afternoon I went out to get the envelopes for mailing chai orders, and also ingredients to make another batch as I had more orders than I anticipated. I don’t ever get to drink it myself anymore, but it sure does smell good!

There was a guy in the Walmart parking lot desperately trying to give away fresh hot peppers from his garden. I declined.


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