Doing Things Indoors

It rained all night, my friends. I am so, so tired of rain. It stopped raining during the morning and this afternoon we even had a few minutes of actual sunshine. But it was still far too wet for my husband and Jasper to do their yard jobs. Jasper had spent the night at Mercy and Daniel’s, so he just stayed there and slept in very late.

I got up and went to Walmart while it was still raining a little, and then came home and made a big batch of chai mix to fill the orders I’ve received. The whole house smelled heavenly! Eventually I got it all bagged up so I can start mailing it out on Monday or Tuesday. And by the way, if you were hoping to order chai mix from me next month, let me know soon!

I also had plenty of work to do on my computer, reading to do for class, and work in the kitchen too. Since my husband had time on his hands, he finally put up a row of hooks for me to hang my lanterns from. I have been wanting this for several years! He also put a hook in the guest room for me and helped me hang a picture in my office nook.

I went outside and cut down my tomato plants after picking all the tomatoes. Most of them are green. Too bad they are cherry tomatoes because I’m not sure how I would fry them! I have a couple of cucumbers almost ready to pick from my second planting. I also have some new fire ant bites on my left foot, just as the ones from last week were starting to heal.

Jasper came home briefly, and then went with Mercy and Daniel for the second night of scaring people in the library.

Lucy and Spencer went to a rugby game on campus and our team won! Spencer came over afterward to help Walter with the hook project.

I made a big pizza for supper and then made some keto rolls for tomorrow. I only got about half of my to-do list done, but that’s actually pretty good for me.

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