A Reminder

Every time January 20 rolls around, it brings me up short for a few minutes. Twenty-two years ago, on this date, I was in a serious car accident after falling asleep at the wheel with three of my kids in the car. I am so thankful to be still here. And I always, always wear my seat belt. I am also much better at staying awake while driving these days, but if I feel sleepy, I always pull over and rest!

Today the weather turned much warmer after our very cold week. The low tonight is only supposed to reach into the 50s, and tomorrow it may hit 70 degrees! East Texas weather can just about give you whiplash.

I was not as productive as I had hoped, but I did get a lot of editing done. I also cooked ten pounds of chicken, made low-carb crumpets, strung another length of beads and did some knitting. I am so ready to be done with the beads.

Parting Shot:

Mercy in kimono

My mother has been very anxious to see a photo of the kimono I made Mercy for Christmas.

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