Visitors & Flat Tires

Well, I don’t know what happened yesterday. I plumb forgot to post! The day started off very cold and I really didn’t want to have to go out to Aldi—but with a chai party this weekend I had no choice. I did see an amazing sight on the way, though:

1-12-17 ice tree

There were several other places where the sprinklers had been left on, but this was the most spectacular one I saw. Several other photos of it popped up on Facebook too!

After finishing up school with Jasper, I spent the entire afternoon running errands. I will have a lot of errands to run in the coming months as I take advantage of weekly coupons to get things for Mercy’s wedding. This time I also took advantage of sales to get art supplies for a class Lucy and I hope to go to on Tuesday.

Shortly after I returned, Spencer’s friends Jayme and Raymond arrived. They are our friends Don and Gwen’s sons, and when they were here a couple of weeks ago, Spencer was away. Since Spencer had to work late, I went out to get pizza and tried to keep them entertained until Spencer got home.

This morning they all slept in, but eventually they all got up and had breakfast and watched some soccer. The visitors had to leave early in the afternoon, but first we took some photos:

3 amigos a

Meanwhile, after Lucy and I made a brief trip to campus, Walter noticed that we had a flat tire. He was able to get the spare on and drive the car to the tire place, only to discover that all four tires were in really bad shape and needed to be replaced. This was not exactly a surprise, but it wasn’t welcome news either. We have had the car for two years and have put many thousands of miles on it. I knew those tires couldn’t last forever! But we certainly weren’t expecting to have to spend so much money on the car right now either.

Lucy and I made the chai party food this afternoon, and Walter and Jasper set up outside. It’s very cold, so we had three fires going instead of the usual two. Despite the low temperatures, we have had a good turnout. I stayed out there until my feet got numb . . .


One thought on “Visitors & Flat Tires

  1. Linda, right after Fred died Ruth made me put new tires on that car and I never put any others on it, so you are lucky that only now you need new tires. Sorry it is so close after Christmas! WE are finally getting over our virus’ Mom


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