Life sure has been a lot busier since Lina arrived home. Today I took Lucy to the doctor for her annual checkup. She is finally beginning to recover from the flu. The “good” thing about it is that she lost a lot of weight without even trying.

Shortly after lunch, my friend Robin and two of her daughters arrived, and the three of them took Lina and me to a “new” coffee shop and bookstore that opened in a nearby town a few months ago.  I had heard great things about it from some of my writer friends, but had never made it over there before today.

Now, as you know, I am not a coffee-shop kind of girl, but they did have hot tea and I enjoyed sipping it as I browsed through the store. It’s a lovely old house that’s been turned into a bookstore, and each room has comfortable chairs that you can sit in while you browse through books. We stayed for quite a while, and I think everyone found at least one book they couldn’t live without. I enjoyed talking to the owner, who is a fellow writer and who knows a lot of the same people I do.

When we left the bookstore, Robin and her girls had to go home, but Lina and I continued on to another town to see the movie “The Man Who Invented Christmas.” For some reason it is not showing in our town, so we made the drive. We enjoyed it very much. Lina is a huge Christmas Carol fan and I am too, but being a writer makes it even more enjoyable.

Since we were in that town anyway, we went on to Jo-Ann’s after the movie, and Lina found some knitting needles and fabric she wanted. The other store she wanted to go to was World Market, and wouldn’t you know it—they put in a Half Price Books right between Jo-Ann’s and World Market! I found some great calendars there for half the price I normally pay.

We finished off at World Market, where we both picked up some odds and ends before driving home. It was a good day.

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