Today being Friday, I had to go grocery shopping. Aldi was very crowded, but by some miracle I didn’t have to wait in a long line to check out.

Shortly after lunch, my friend Robin arrived for a much-anticipated visit. Lately we have seemed to have a very hard time getting our schedules to line up enough for us to get together, so it was wonderful to spend some time catching up.

After Robin left, I helped Jasper make some cookie dough, and then my biggest challenge of the day came from an unexpected quarter. I had planned to make pizza for supper, and I normally make a sourdough crust, so I asked Jasper to bring up the sourdough jar from the laundry room fridge.

He brought the jar, and we could both see that something was wrong. The sides of the jar were covered with black mold, and the liquid on top of the sourdough starter was dark and foul-smelling. This, my friends, constituted a major crisis in my kitchen. I’ve had that sourdough for years!

I went to work trying to save my sourdough and bring it back to life. I poured off all the nasty liquid and most of the starter, until what was left looked pretty good. From that, I scooped out a cup or so and poured it into a clean glass container. I added flour and distilled water, and almost right away the mixture began to bubble and act like “healthy” sourdough.

Tomorrow I will pour off most of what I made today, add more flour and water, and put it back in the sterilized jar. I have hopes that this will be successful in reviving my sourdough starter. I have never had this happen before and can only think that I must have left it too long between uses.

I had to make “normal” pizza dough since the sourdough was indisposed . . .


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