An Injury and a Concert

After years of leaving all the lights on when he goes to bed, Spencer has suddenly started turning them off. Which is great, except when I am still in my “office” and then when I go to bed, I have to turn off my light, and then make it through the dining room and hallway in total darkness.

Last night I misjudged the location of a chair in the dining room and my foot slammed into it hard. In fact I’d be willing to bet money that I have a broken toe. So it was a rough and painful night and today was a bit of a challenge. I taped the affected toe to the one next door and limped around as best I could. I hope it heals quickly.

This afternoon I limped on into the Walmart hair salon for a trim. An unexpected consequence of my change in diet and my weight loss is that for the last month, my hair has been falling out by the handful. Considering that my hair already was half as thick as it was in my youth, it has been very alarming. I am researching my options and taking some supplements. I happen to be pretty fond of my hair! But it had become so thin at the ends I had to have several inches cut off. When the lady was done, I looked on the floor and there were just a few sad little wisps of hair after cutting off five inches! I am hoping at least some of it grows back.

This evening was our big date to the Beach Boys concert on campus. We have been looking forward to it for months! I wore a tie-dye shirt and my husband wore a tropical shirt. A local car collector added to the ambiance by displaying some of his prized classic cars outside the auditorium. This woody was my favorite:

10-9-17 Woody


This time the audience was a little less geriatric than the last one we went to two years ago. It was a fun evening and we really enjoyed it.

10-9-17 Beach Boys


One thought on “An Injury and a Concert

  1. Glad you and Walter went to this concert together inspite of your hurting toe.
    Take a flashlight to your office to light the way to bed at night. Mom
    Think you know that Aunt Rachel died Sunday morning early and will be buried this Thursday at 11:00 am at the Emaus Church at Whitewater, KS.


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