In Which Adrienne Saves the Day!

I have stunning news on the “very rare hymn tune” front! My brilliant and innovative friend Adrienne has acquired the tune! She tried to get the album featuring a choir performance of the hymn, and I think downloaded the individual track, but the information we needed was not there. So she tried something that never would have occurred to me. She contacted the accompanist for the choir in question and he sent her a photograph of the sheet music!

The name of the tune is not listed, but the composer is–a Victorian musician named W.H. Jude. Knowing this, I was able to discover that he published only one volume of hymn tunes–back in 1900. I found a used copy online and have already ordered it from England—but meanwhile, I have the photo which is clear enough to play from. I will let you know when the book comes as I’m sure you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats!

In other news, Lucy and Jasper and I went on a brief excursion to historic Jefferson today. The weather was not very cooperative. We were able to eat our picnic lunch in a nice little park, but then it started sprinkling. We thought we’d check out a free museum we’d never been to, since that’s an indoor activity. By the time we drove there (two blocks) rain was coming down in buckets. We got drenched just getting from the car to the porch of the museum, only to find it was closed for lunch.

However, they had a handy bench we could sit on while we waited, which was great until the wind started blowing our way and we got drenched again! The kids lost all interest in the museum, so I bowed to the inevitable and took them to the General Store, stopping on the way for an obligatory photo:

8-9-17 Jib & Lu 1

The General Store is where you can find all kinds of one-of-a-kind items, old-fashioned candy, and souvenirs that range from wild and wacky to very, very tacky. Like these little light-up Jesus keychain flashlights:

8-9-17 Jesus lights

Or this mug:

8-9-17 Jesus Shaves

When you pour hot liquid in, apparently, Jesus’ beard disappears.

Eventually the kids were ready to have a root beer float for dessert. Since I was sitting at the counter with them, I felt obligated to order something, so I asked for a diet Dr. Pepper. I could not finish it. I just do not drink soda anymore and I saw no point in drinking something I couldn’t enjoy!

Then we came home and ever since I’ve been going flat out preparing for tomorrow’s class. Those kids aren’t going to know what hit them . . .

Parting Shot:

8-9-17 Jib & Lu 2

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