Relief and Recreation

What a relief it was to finish the beading on the cloak last night! I’ve had a couple people ask me to remind them what the cloak is for.

This is the fourth year in a row that I have made and contributed a cloak to the raffle at the Realm Makers conference. (The first year, there was no raffle that I remember.) The raffle is to raise money for scholarships for the conference. Each year I have made and named a cloak. The Radagast cloak came first, followed by the Sapphire cloak and then the Desert Assassin cloak. This year’s cloak, the Ethereal Enchantress cloak, will not be delivered in person as I cannot afford to go to the conference this year.

So this afternoon I drove forty-some miles to the home of a lucky writer friend who is going to the conference, and gave her the cloak to take with her. I am looking forward to finding out who wins it.

Today, since I was done beading, I went grocery shopping as usual in the morning. After lunch my friend Robin came over for a visit. I hadn’t seen her for at least two months! It was good to get caught up.

As soon as Robin left, I had to dash off to deliver the cloak, and once that was taken care of I drove to another town to visit my dear friend Sybil. We had a lovely visit and went out for supper and then back to her house to visit some more. It is hard to stop talking when you only see each other about once a year.

Now I’m back home and waiting for Lucy to text me that she’s ready to be picked up from work . .


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