All Beads, All Day

My original concept for the cloak featured lots of beading on all the vertical seams. Because the cloak itself took so long to construct, I had to scale back my beading plan. I have to deliver the cloak tomorrow to a friend who will take it to the conference, so I knew that whatever beading I did had to be done by tonight.

I’m actually pretty proud of how much I was able to do in two days. There are at least some beads on all the vertical seams, at the top and at the bottom. Hundreds and hundreds of beads. The cloak is much heavier now!

I did take a break to go to the gym with Jasper. I didn’t watch as much stuff because I realized it was slowing me down. I sew faster when not distracted by something to look at.

My “fit model” had offered to come back for a photo shoot when the cloak was done, but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well today and it had to be today or never. So I pressed Janet into service and made her put on a pretty dress and meet me on campus shortly before sunset because I wanted to get that lovely light.  I actually wasn’t quite done beading yet, but I had to take the photos while I had the light!

This is only the second full circle cloak I’ve ever made, and the last one was smaller and the body was made of only 2 pieces instead of 15. And, not that I’m keeping track or anything, but this is cloak #47. I have at least 3 more planned.

Parting Shot:

EE 3

You can see that there are some white beads mixed in with the coordinating green beads. The white beads glow in the dark!

EE 4 hood

The front edge of the hood is also beaded.

EE 6


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