Sew and Sew

The really sad thing about the sewing I’m doing is that it’s the sewing before the other sewing. And as always, it’s taking longer than I anticipated. It’s also going to be awesome, but I’m really getting nervous about the sewing I haven’t started yet, and for which I have a deadline.

My plan is to mostly finish this project tonight and then get the new one cut out tomorrow. And then sew like a madwoman.

Today when I was all ready to work on my sewing, I couldn’t find the buttons I had planned to use. After tearing apart two rooms I realized it would be quicker to just go to the store and buy some new buttons. This was one of those times when I really, really missed Hancock Fabrics and their bountiful button offerings. Hobby Lobby doesn’t have much to choose from, but I found some that will work.

Jasper left for a neighborhood birthday party this afternoon and won’t be back till tomorrow. It is so nice to live in a neighborhood where he has three friends who are also homeschooled and they can do stuff together all the time.

Good news from Mercy: her plane ticket to Russia has been fully funded and her monthly support is increasing! Pray that she will be fully supported by the time she gets on that plane!

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