So Glad I Had Super Glue

On Saturday, my silence was due to the fact that we had a chai party. It was very small, as expected in summer, but also very enjoyable due to the arrival of Spencer’s friend Britton and his lovely bride Kaylee, who is expecting their first child this fall.

After being up late at the chai party, it was especially difficult to get up at 6:30 to take Lucy to work. I dropped her off and then came home and crashed on the couch, hoping I could doze off for an hour before I had to get up and tune my autoharp.

Instead, I received a phone call from Lucy asking if I could come pick her up, as she had injured herself. Turns out she had a run-in with a tomato slicer, and the slicer won. She had a deep cut in her index finger and some smaller cuts. There was a lot of blood. Her coworkers wanted her to go to the emergency room, but she insisted that if she could just go home, she could take care of it.

We have trained her well. I got her back to the house and within a few minutes she had super-glued her cuts shut and taped over them. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t have to go back to work till Wednesday, by which time she should be good to go.

After all that excitement we still had to go to church and I still had to play. And there was an awkward moment in the first service where someone picked a hymn that nobody knew. However, I knew both of the alternate tunes so I suggested we could sing it to one of those. . . only to find out when I started singing that no one else knew that tune either! Eventually they caught on though.

Today I had my creative writing class and I was explaining to the kids the importance of “showing” versus “telling,” which is one of the things writers are currently obsessed with. When I asked the kids to write a few lines “showing” various emotions, they all seemed to be stumped. To give them a little inspiration, I pulled out my “Emotion Thesaurus” and started reading down the list of various ways to show sadness. It was a huge hit. The kids all started acting out the various things as I read the descriptions. Hilarity ensued. But I think I also made my point.

The other highlights of the day were a trip to Walmart and finishing an important step on my sewing project. Tomorrow: more sewing.


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