The Ironing Dilemma

I did intend to post last night, but my computer insisted on updating and when I saw it was going to take over an hour, I went to bed.

I am currently working on a sewing project so I can start another and very urgent sewing project. The project I am finishing is Jasper’s Christmas present. I was going along very well on it back in December, but then it came to a big ironing part and . . . I stopped working on it.

I know I have some friends who don’t even own an iron. They never iron anything, and that works for them. On the other end of the scale is my mother, the Queen of All Ironing. A high percentage of my childhood memories of her involve ironing. To my youthful mind, she seemed to be obsessed with it.

I fall in the middle. I hate ironing, but I long ago accepted that if I wanted to have any success as a seamstress, ironing was crucial. I also own certain garments that must be ironed if they are to look anything other than crumpled.

Still, it seems silly that I would let the necessity of ironing keep me from finishing a project, but that’s what happened. So the last couple of days have included a lot of sewing and ironing. There is more ahead of me tomorrow.

On a happier note, I finished a knitting project. Now to peruse my stash and pick a new one!


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