My Diabetes Miracle #5—In Celebration of Small Victories

I have not posted much about my progress lately, because my progress has slowed considerably since the first whirlwind successes in my fight against my Type 2 diabetes. I have had to be content with much smaller and less frequent victories, and I have had to make adjustments that would have been very daunting to me in the beginning.

When my progress slowed in May, despite my faithful efforts, I knew I’d have to make some difficult choices. Now I have settled into a pattern of fasting from Monday through Friday, and eating two meals on Saturday and two meals on Sunday. If an event comes up during the week where it would be awkward for me not to eat, I will eat a small meal (no carbs) and not feel guilty. In practical terms, this is working out to mean four to six meals a week for me. I have begun to realize that I will never, ever be able to go back to eating three meals a day, and that even two meals a day is probably more than I can hope for.

I still take my half-dose of Metformin, but my Glyburide usage is way down. It actually sends my blood sugar too low if I am fasting, so I only take it after a “largish” meal, and then only half a pill. So instead of one pill per day, I am using less than one per week.

Mondays and Tuesdays are always hard, but by Wednesday not eating seems normal again. I don’t experience any less energy than usual–but then I always have low energy. I certainly have never experienced the euphoria that some people report when fasting. I go the gym most days and put in 30 minutes on an exercise cycle, that being just about the only exercise that my arthritis permits me to do at the moment. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on my blood sugar.

Saturday being the first of the month, I weighed myself with great trepidation, and experienced my first “big” victory since getting off insulin. I have now lost a total of 50 pounds. It has been agonizingly difficult and slow, averaging exactly 10 pounds lost per month. As far as I know, only two people have noticed that I have lost any weight. I expected this, yet it is still discouraging. I imagine it will take quite a few more pounds lost before I get any positive comments about it.

However, remember I am not doing this primarily for weight loss, although I do realize that the more weight I lose, the better it will be for my blood sugar issues. So I will continue on and who knows? Maybe by the time winter rolls around, my winter clothes won’t fit me anymore . . .

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